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The Epsom Dash is a flat handicap horse event held in the UK for horses aged three and above.

The Epsom Dash takes place on the 1st June 2024.

It is held at Epsom over a distance of 5 furlongs (1,006 metres) and takes place every year in early June.

Find out more about the Epsom Dash:

Epsom Dash

Epsom Dash 2023 Odds

Here are the latest odds for the Epsom Dash in June 2023:

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Epsom Dash Tips

Here are some tips for Epsom Dash in June 2023:

  • 2 points to win for TBC
  • 1 point each way for TBC

Some of the horses participating in Epsom Dash will be spotted in other races throughout the year. Make sure to keep an eye on the horses to see how they perform or place your bets on ante-post betting.

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What Happened In The 2023 Epsom Dash

Check out this result from the Epsom Racecourse:

Epsom Dash Previous Winners

Check out the previous winners below:

1987Clantime609-12Willie CarsonRichard Whitaker0:55.33
1988Durham Place607-12Willie CarsonKim Brassey0:55.59
1989Gallant Hope707-10Bill ShoemakerGerald Cottrell0:54.89
1990Miami Banker409-10Michael RobertsP J Arthur0:56.22
1991Mertola's Pet507-07Nicky CarlisleGerald Cottrell0:54.28
1992Viceroy509-01Ray CochraneBen Beasley0:55.68
1993El Yasaf510-01Darryll HollandT J Naughton0:56.00
1994Mistertopogigo408-05Alan MunroBen Beasley0:54.79
1995Double Quick307-08Jason WeaverMark Johnston0:53.86
1996To The Roof408-03Gary HindPeter Harris0:54.21
1997Ya Malak609-02Alex GreavesDavid Nicholls0:55.17
1998Bishops Court409-02Jimmy FortuneLynda Ramsden0:55.17
1999To The Roof709-01Jimmy FortunePeter Harris0:55.66
2000Astonished409-02Kieren FallonJohn Hammond0:55.59
2001Bishops Court709-04Robert WinstonLynda Ramsden0:54.67
2002Rudi's Pet808-07Adrian NichollsDavid Nicholls0:56.68
2003Atlantic Viking808-07Seb SandersDavid Nicholls0:54.29
2004Caribbean Coral509-05Robert WinstonJohn Quinn0:54.86
2005Fire Up The Band609-09Richard HughesDavid Nicholls0:56.05
2006Desert Lord608-08Darragh O'DonohoeKevin Ryan0:54.49
2007Hogmaneigh409-04Saleem GolamStuart Williams0:55:16
2008Holbeck Ghyll608-07William BuickAndrew Balding0:55.33
2009Indian Trail908-02P M QuinnDavid Nicholls0:56.67
2010Bertoliver608-06Jack MitchellStuart Williams0:54.22
2011Captain Dunne609-10David AllanTim Easterby0:54.30
2012Stone Of Folca408-12Luke MorrisJohn Best0:53.69
2013Duke Of Firenze409-00Ryan MooreMichael Stoute0:55.22
2014Caspian Prince509-00Adam KirbyA W Carroll0:54.75
2015Desert Law708-05Martin LaneP T Midgley0:54.65
2016Caspian Prince709-10Robert WinstonDean Ivory0:55.99
2017Caspian Prince809-08Tom EavesTony Coyle0:54.92
2018Tanasoq508-00Paul MidgleyJames Sullivan0:54.96
2019Ornate608-13Phil DennisDavid Griffiths0:54.00
no race 2020 [a]
2021Mokaatil608-04David EganIan Williams0:55.63
2022Tees Spirit408-07Barry McHughAdrian Nicholls0:54.15
2023Navello408-07Andrea AtzeniGeorge Boughey0:54.23

Summary of Epsom Dash

Thank you for checking out our Epsom Dash guide, we hope you enjoyed it.

The Epsom Dash is held on the same day as the Epsom Derby, Diomed Stakes and the Princess Elizabeth Stakes.

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Popular Questions

Where is the Epsom Dash held?

The Epsom Dash is held at Epsom Racecourse.

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