What is a Lucky 63 Bet?

You might have heard of a Lucky 63 bet, but how exactly does it work? You guessed it, it’s a multiple bet that consists of 63 different types of bets. There are six selections that you wager on, and there are singles, doubles, trebles, four-folds, five-folds and a six-fold all included.

Why do people use this method of betting? These types of bets are extremely exciting, they provide a number of combinations that could lead to a generous return.

With that said, it is key to note that although there are more methods to winning, it will cost more in terms of the stake. If you bet £1 on each, then it will cost a stake of £63.

The amount that you win is dependent on the selections that you get correct and the price of them. You can enjoy returns from as little as one of the bets winning, but it is unlikely that you will see a profit from only one.

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Lucky 63 Bet Explained

These types of multiples are thrilling because of the vast amount of combinations and ways to win. You can see a return from just one pick coming into fruition, but it’s unlikely that alone, it will provide much in return.

Here are some things you should know about lucky 63:

  •     It is a popular multiple for football and racing
  •     There is a total of 63 bets
  •     This is from six selections
  •     It includes singles

Here’s what a lucky 63 consists of:

  •     6 singles
  •     15 doubles
  •     20 trebles
  •     15 four folds
  •     6 five-folds
  •     1 six-fold

As you can see, there are various ways to get a return and the amount depends on the odds of the winning selections.

Fans of football betting and horse racing bets often use this type of bet.


When trying to calculate the potential return, it can become complex. It’s difficult to work out how much you have coming your way. Rather than manually working it out, check the winnings that the bookmaker gives you or use a betting calculator online.

If you bet £1 win-only bets, then it will cost £63.

To get a profit, you will need at least three selections to win. That’s a generalisation as it comes down to the odds too. But usually four or five selections will get you a very good return.

What makes it different from a traditional accumulator is that if one selection loses, the show goes on. You can still cheer on your other teams or horses, as the prize remains high.

How to Place a Lucky 63 Bet

You’d think that placing a bet of this magnitude would take a lot of time and care. In fact, you just need to concentrate on the six selections you want to wager on. After that, simply find the Lucky 63 box and place the stake. If you type in £1, then expect the stake to total £63.

You will then be given the highest potential return.

Another common question when it comes to placing a lucky 63, is whether or not you can do it as an each way bet. When placing it as an each way bet, it will give you more chance of winning money back, but you will also double the stake. There will be a total of 126 bets.

Other Bet Types

Here is the full list of horse racing betting types:


If you love the lucky 31, then you will certainly enjoy this multiple bet. One distinct difference to this particular bet is that they provide a number of singles making it far easier to get some form of return.

For that reason, it’s super-exciting and offers numerous ways to earn a profit. There is more risk and money up for stake but it equally provides lots of ways to win!

Give the Lucky 63 a go next time you’re betting on sports online.