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Savvy punters have started to understand that sectional times in horse races are more important than indicated.

Horses can be unlucky in running, or a falsely run race can affect the horses finishing positions.

As our team of horse racing tipsters is constantly looking for value in the betting market, we find the profiles of fast finishers are usually of great value.

Our horse race stats are updated regularly and pull in all the racehorses who have the highest sectional upgrade figures.

Find out the quickest finishers for today’s horse racing meetings.

Today’s Fastest Finishers Horses

Here is the full list of racehorses’ who have the fastest finishing times.

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What Are Fast Finishers?

The Fast Finishers (FF) reports display a list of horses who finished quicker than the overall race finishing time, for the closing section.

The key to the data is to find the high sectional upgrade figure which indicates an eye catcher for the Sectional Spotlight.

Is the sectional upgrade score is high we form can be bolstered as the horse shown fast sectional times.


The fast finishers are usually the eye catchers that might be marked up further than the finishing position.

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