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The Grand National prize money in 2024 totals an astonishing £1 million, making it one of the world’s richest horse racing events in the world. The Aintree race attracts lots of big official sponsors that add to the Grand National prize money.

The impressive £1 million total prize fund is spread across the top 10 finishers, this is rare for horse racing.

Read on as we break down the July 2024 Grand National Festival prize money and what the Grand National winner will receive.

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Grand National Prize Money

Prize Money Breakdown

The Grand National is one of the richest horse racing events in the world, offering a total prize fund of £1 million. Over half of the total prize money is given to the winner – this will be £561,300 in 2024.

The prize is spread across the top 10 finishers, this is rare and most other races only pay the top four. With 40 runners, that means one-quarter of the participants will be paid Grand National prize money and the others that finish the course will be paid £5k, making it more important to make it over every Grand National fence.

Here’s a rough breakdown of what each place will pick up:

  • 1st place – £561k
  • 2nd place – £211k
  • 3rd place – £105k
  • 4th place – £52k
  • 5th place – £26k
  • 6th place – £13k
  • 7th place – £6k
  • 8th place – £3k
  • 9th place – £2k
  • 10th place -£1k

The Grand National is one of the highest paying races in the world, paying as many as 10 finishers with lucrative prizes. The £1 million prize fund is spread across the top runners.

Is The Grand National the Most Valuable Jump Race?

Touted as the World’s Greatest Steeplechase, this race is hugely famous and renowned around the globe but it’s also known for being the most valuable jump race in Europe. There’s no other European jump race with such a big prize fund.

With the Grand National prize money of at least £1 million, it is the number 1 richest jump race in the UK and all of Europe. It’s also one of the most famous races in the world.

Cheltenham Gold Cup and Queen Mother Champion Chase are two other significant and prestigious jump races, with prize funds of £625k and £300k respectively.

How Much Does the Grand National Winner Get?

The winner of the Randox Grand National gets huge prize money of over £500k. They get the biggest share of the total prize fund of £1 million. The money doesn’t end there, with such a prestigious victory comes lots of publicity, which leads to spin-offs, sponsors and public appearances that can also pay.

It is one of the highest paying UK horse racing events, the Derby Stakes trumps this prize with it usually paying over £1.6 million out in total.

How Much Goes to the Jockey?

Jockeys often have different agreements with the owner, meaning that the amount their paid varies. Jockeys will get a percentage of the Grand National prize money and it is likely to be in the region of 8% for a winning ride and half that amount for a placed finish.

Horse racing jockeys

We have calculated 8% of this year’s prize money and it comes to £44,800 for the winning jockey. For many jockeys already have a fixed contract and amount they race for, lots of jockeys strike an agreement with owners, using the same owner’s horses. For instance, AP McCoy used to earn £1 million a year, racing for JP McManus. There’s a riders’ retainers fee offered for lots of riders but it goes without saying that most do it for the love of the sport.

The National Hunt Rider gets around £170 per race they ride. This can vary slightly but generally, the National Hunt Rider is given a small amount per race.

Check out our Grand National Runners article for more details on the horses running in the 2024 Grand National. Read more on some of the horse racing jockeys, their story and more about their profile.

Who Are the Official Partners of the Grand National?

The Grand National is currently known in 2024 as Randox Grand National. They are the official partners of the Grand National and have agreed on a contract that lasts a minimum of five years.

Other partners and sponsors include Betway, Goffs, Molson Coors, Ryanair, Weatherbys, Pinsent Masons, Marsh and others. This adds to the money that is generated by the Grand National Festival but doesn’t affect the Grand National prize money.

You will often find new deals added to the sponsored lineup for Aintree racecourse events. Other sponsors include the likes of John Smith and Crabbies.

Popular Questions

Has Any Horse Won the Cheltenham Gold Cup and Grand National?

The famous and legendary Golden Miller who was trained by Basil Briscoe for most of his career and is the only horse to ever win the Cheltenham Gold Cup and Grand National in a single season achieved back in 1934.

What is the Prize for the Randox Grand National Feature Race?

Acccording to The Jockey Club, the current prize fund for the feature race on April 13th which is a Ladies Day has been boosted by £50k and is up to £250k for the total prize fund.

How Much Was Rachael Blackmore Paid for the 2021 Grand National Win?

In 2021 Rachael Blackmore made history by becoming the first woman to win the Grand Nationals. The talented jockey finished in the first place, rewriting the history books with her victory. Blackmore was believed to have been paid anywhere in the region of £60,000.

This was the first time a woman has ever won the Grand National race.

What is the Grand National Attendance?

The Grand National attracts around 150,000 in ticket sales over the three-day event. It easily makes it one of the biggest and most celebrated horse racing events in the world. Grand National day usually hosts up to 50,000 spectators.

Grand National Day is an exciting event that many fans queue up to attend.

What is the Total Prize Money at the Grand Nationals?

The total prize money for the horse race event is £1 million. The Grand National prize money is then spread across the top 10 finishers with the winner claiming over half of that amount. Find out the complete Grand National prize money breakdown.

Summary of the Grand National Prize Money

The Grand National is the biggest prize money of all national hunt races.

Prize money is paid all the way down to 10th place.

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