Grand National Weights

When looking to select your Grand National Tips the handicap weight of the entries are the most important factor to consider.

Many horse racing punters wait for the entries and weights to be released before placing bets and making the most of the Grand National Betting Promotional Bonuses on offer in November 2022.

The weights are out for the world’s greatest jumps race, with the highest rated top 40 horses set to line up at Aintree on April 9 2022 to tackle the Randox Grand National.

The 103 entries include a huge 19 entries from the Gordon Elliott yard which has had plenty of previous winners of the Grand National iconic race.

With 8 Grand National entries from Willie Mullins yard and five entries from Henry De Bromhead the Irish have a great chance of securing victory again.

The British contingent includes Venetia Williams with four entries, while Philip Hobbs, David Pipe and Colin Tizzard all have three Grand National entries each.

The biggest and most famous horse racing events in the world attracts all the best horse racing trainers and National Hunt jump horse racing jockeys to compete on the biggest stage televised and watched by millions globally.

In our Grand National Weights guide, we have a full and comprehensive list of all current entries, the handicap weights and official ratings ahead of the big race at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool.

Full List of 2022 Grand National Entries

Here is the full list of 2022 Grand National entries in handicap weight order.

  1. Conflated, 11st 10lb (167)
  2. Galvin, 11st 10lb (167)
  3. Melon, 11st 6lb, (163)
  4. Chris’s Dream, 11st 5lb (162)
  5. Franco De Port, 11st 4lb (161)
  6. Minella Times, 11st 4lb (161)
  7. Tiger Roll, 11st 4lb (161)
  8. Chantry House, 11st 3lb (160)
  9. Delta Work, 11st 3lb (160)
  10. Any Second Now, 11st 2lb (159)
  11. Easysland, 11st 2lb (159)
  12. Run Wild Fred, 11st 1lb (158)
  13. Battleoverdoyen, 11st (157)
  14. Brahma Bull, 11st (157)
  15. Lostintranslation, 11st (157)
  16. Assemble, 10st 13lb (156)
  17. Burrows Saint, 10st 13lb (156)
  18. Mount Ida, 10st 13lb (156)
  19. Fiddlerontheroof, 10st 12lb (155)
  20. Longhouse Poet, 10st 12lb (155)
  21. Two For Gold, 10st 11lb (154)
  22. Eklat De Rire, 10st 10lb (153)
  23. Santini, 10st 10lb (153)
  24. Chatham Street Lad, 10st 9lb (152)
  25. Escaria Ten, 10st 9lb (152)
  26. Farclas, 10st 9lb (152)
  27. Off You Go, 10st 9lb (152)
  28. Ontheropes, 10st 9lb (152)
  29. Samcro, 10st 9lb (152)
  30. Itchy Feet, 10st 8lb (151)
  31. Windsor Avenue, 10st 8lb (151)
  32. Coko Beach, 10st 7lb (150)
  33. Good Boy Bobby, 10st 7lb (150)
  34. Lord Du Mesnil, 10st 7lb (150)
  35. Caribean Boy, 10st 6lb (149)
  36. Court Maid, 10st 6lb (149)
  37. De Rasher Counter, 10st 6lb (149)
  38. Sam Brown 10st 6lb (149)
  39. Anibale Fly, 10st 5lb (148)
  40. Braeside, 10st 5lb (148)
  41. Dingo Dollar, 10st 5lb (148)
  42. Discorama, 10st 5lb (148)
  43. Enjoy D’Allen, 10st 5lb (148)
  44. Highland Hunter, 10st 5lb (148)
  45. Kildisart, 10st 5lb (148)
  46. Top Ville Ben, 10st 5lb (148)
  47. Class Conti, 10st 4lb (147)
  48. Cloth Cap, 10st 4lb (147)
  49. El Presente, 10st 4lb (147)
  50. Freewheelin Dylan, 10st 4lb (147)
  51. Jett, 10st 4lb (147)
  52. Mighty Thunder, 10st 4lb (147)
  53. Noble Yeats, 10st 4lb (147)
  54. Agusta Gold, 10st 3lb (146)
  55. Cloudy Glen, 10st 3lb (146)
  56. Phoenix Way, 10st 3lb (146)
  57. Snow Leopardess, 10st 3lb (146)
  58. Blaklion, 10st 2lb (145)
  59. Deise Aba, 10st 2lb (145)
  60. Kalooki, 10st 2lb (145)
  61. Milan Native, 10st 2lb (145)
  62. Poker Party, 10st 2lb (145)
  63. Death Duty, 10st 1lb (144)
  64. Domaine De L’Isle, 10st 1lb (144)
  65. Go Another One, 10st 1lb (144)
  66. Eclair Surf, 10st (143)
  67. Fortescue, 10st (143)
  68. Commodore, 9st 13lb (142)
  69. Romain De Senam, 9st 13lb (142)
  70. School Boy Hours, 9st 13lb (142)
  71. Back On The Lash, 9st 12lb (141)
  72. Elegant Escape, 9st 11lb (140)
  73. Full Back, 9st 11lb (140)
  74. Mister Fogpatches, 9st 11lb (140)
  75. Roi Mage, 9st 11lb (140)
  76. Scoir Mear, 9st 11lb (140)
  77. Smoking Gun, 9st 11lb (140)
  78. Uisce Beatha, 9st 11lb (140)
  79. Kauto Riko, 9st 10lb (139)
  80. Mac Tottie, 9st 10lb (139)
  81. Discordantly, 9st 9lb (138)
  82. Hill Sixteen, 9st 9lb (138)
  83. Kapcorse, 9st 9lb (138)
  84. Plan Of Attack, 9st 9lb (138)
  85. Potters Corner, 9st 9lb (138)
  86. Secret Reprieve, 9st 9lb (138)
  87. Defi Bleu, 9st 8lb (137)
  88. Definite Plan, 9st 8lb (137)
  89. Mister Whitaker, 9st 8lb (137)
  90. Mortal, 9st 8lb (137)
  91. Robin Des Foret, 9st 8lb (137)
  92. Achille, 9st 6lb (135)
  93. Eurobot, 9st 6lb (135)
  94. Larry, 9st 6lb (135)
  95. Pink Eyed Pedro, 9st 6lb (135)
  96. The Two Amigos, 9st 5lb (134)
  97. The Hollow Ginge, 9st 3lb (132)
  98. Alpha Des Obeaux, 9st 1lb (130)
  99. Didero Vallis, 9st 1lb (130)
  100. Gwencily Berbas, 9st 1lb (130)
  101. Jerrysback, 9st 1lb (130)
  102. Stones And Roses, 9st 1lb (130)
  103. Via Dolorosa, 8st 10lb (125)


As the Grand National is a handicap race it is crazy to see the betting markets have short-priced favourites and 100-1 outsiders in the betting odds.

All racehorses should have an even chance as the handicapper penalises the better horses to carry more weight.

On the day of the 2022 Grand National, some horses might not like the ground conditions so that is why some might drift in the betting market.

But technically speaking the grand national 2022 weights should give all runners a chance of winning the Grand National prize money.

Popular Questions

Weight of grand national winners?

Here is the weight of the previous Grand National winners over the past decade:

Year Winning Horse Weight
2021 Minella Times 10-3
2019 Tiger Roll 11-5
2018 Tiger Roll 10-13
2017 One For Arthur 10-11
2016 Rule The World 10-07
2015 Many Clouds 11-09
2014 Pineau De Re 10-06
2013 Auroras Encore 10-03
2012 Neptune Collonges 11-06
2011 Ballabriggs 11-00
2010 Don’t Push It 11-05

What weight normally wins the Grand National?

The Grand National is a handicap horse race which means all entries should technically have the same chance of winning.

The best racehorses in the field have the highest official rating and need to carry the most weight in the race.

It is very difficult for the best horse to carry the top weight of 12 stone to victory and punters like to find well-weighted horses at 11 stone when choosing their Grand National tips.

Why is the Grand National a handicap?

The Grand National is a handicap race because it gives all entries an equal chance of winning the race.

The handicapper gives each horse an official rating which determines the weight they need to carry during the race.

The aim of handicapping is that the faster horses carry more weight and the slower horses carry less weight in the Grand National.

This makes the Grand National race as even as possible so that all racehorses have an even chance of winning.

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If you do choose to bet, please bet responsibly.

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