How To Delete A Betdaq Account

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Are you tired of using your Betdaq betting account and want to cancel, deactivate it or close it totally?

There may be many reasons you want to close your Betdaq account, but that is totally up to you. But whatever the main reason, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete Betdaq account you may have, along with an email template you can copy and paste.

Find out how to delete your Betdaq account:

How To Delete A Betdaq Account

Who Are Betdaq?

Having the title of the second largest online betting exchange, Betdaq has become a household name for most punters.

Operating since 2000, Betdaq has constantly improved itself to make it one of the more enjoyable platforms to use. Betdaq is an online betting site platform for gambling, allowing registered users to bet on sports events or play casino games on their website.

As a user, you can play sports or casino games and earn cash by doing so. You can also bet and check the live games as they’re happening.

It’s one of the best betting sites, and they have plenty of great features for users to enjoy.

Reasons To Delete A Betdaq Account

You may want to delete your Betdaq account due to lack of use, marketing, or to controlling your personal gambling. The most common reasons are:

Responsible Gambling

If your gambling is getting out of control or you want to make a conscious effort to stop, a lot of people will choose to delete their betting accounts altogether if this is the case.

Deleting your Betdaq account will prevent you from being able to access and place bets, as the site only allows registered users to bet or play casino games.

You may still be able to check the live games without a Betdaq account, however, but you will not be able to play games and earn cash.

Welcome Bonuses

Some people try to delete an existing Betdaq account in order to reregister and claim a welcome bonus. However, Betdaq doesn’t always allow you to register with the same details so we don’t advise doing this.

It’s usually better to create a new Betdaq account with a different email address if you can.

What Does It Mean If I Delete My Account or Cancel A Betdaq account?

If you choose to delete your Betdaq account, you will no longer have access to it, your winnings, or any of your game history. The account will be closed and any information deleted from the systems so you won’t be able to log back in.

If you want a temporary account closure, however, you can choose to start a self-imposed exclusion, which will mean you can’t log into your Betdaq account for the amount of time that you specify. This is to ensure responsible gambling for any user of the Betdaq online platform for gambling.

How To Delete A Betdaq Account

You can delete your Betdaq Account by emailing their customer service team.

  1. Login to your email account to which you are registered in Betdaq
  2. Create a new mail
  3. Title the email “Request to Delete Betdaq Account”
  4. Write in the mail why you want to delete, deregister or deactivate your Betdaq account
  5. Send the mail to [email protected]

You’ll need to include some account information like name, email, website, and age. And try to use the same email account that is registered to your Betdaq account. This will help them to confirm that you are who you say you are.

Before you do delete your account, make sure that you withdraw or deposit cash in your account and this is not likely to be accessible after your account has been deleted.

What To Write In The Email

In the subject line you should type ‘request to delete my account’. And here’s an example of what to write in the email regarding deleting your account with Betdaq.

I would like to delete my account with Betdaq and hope that you can help.

The email address registered with the website is [email protected] and the name associated with the account is Your Name.

Could you also provide me with any information on any winnings I can withdraw or deposit before closing my account?

Thanks in advance.

Why Is My Betdaq Account Locked?

Your Betdaq account may be locked for three reasons:

Self Exclusion ban

During a self-exclusion, your account will be locked and you will not be able to log in, access it, edit account information, withdraw, place bets, and play sports or casino games.

You can’t unlock your account during a self-exclusion and will need to wait until your ban has ended.

Age Verification

You can create and edit account with Betdaq, but you won’t be able to use betting games without verifying your age with appropriate documents. After a certain period of time, you may become locked out of your account if you haven’t done this.

To unlock your account in this instance, you will need to contact Betdaq customer service with the age verification evidence they ask for.

Failed Log In Attempts

You might also get locked out of your account if you have 3 failed attempts to log in, i.e. if you enter the wrong email address or password 3 times. You will need to contact customers services if this happens.

If you want to Betdaq reopen account, contact them directly.

Popular Questions

Is Betdaq Safe?

Betdaq is licensed by the UKGC, making it 100% safe to use for your betting needs.

In addition, Betdaq incorporate a SSL certificate to provide more security to users, meaning your data won’t fall into the hands of any malicious users.

Does Betdaq Ban Winners? does not ban winners from their sites.

The only time a winner would be banned is if the user is breach the terms & conditions set out by Betdaq.

How Do I Contact Betdaq? offers users a wide variety of ways to contact them. Some of the most popular methods include:

Summary of Deleting Betdaq Sports

It is simple and easy to delete your Betdaq account as shown above.

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Deleting Other Betting Accounts

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