What is a Patent Bet?

A Patent bet is similar to a Trixie, only three singles bets are added to each selection.

How exactly does the Patent bet work? In total there are seven bets and just three selections. If you were to stake a £1 win-only bet, it would cost £7.

You can receive a return from just one winning selection, although it’s unlikely to exceed the stake that you placed. Check more on the combinations to find out how many selections need to be correct for a profit.

It’s a simple bet to place, yet it can be difficult to calculate the winnings. Read on to use our Patent bet guide, you will easily be able to enjoy this bet for football, horse-racing or other sports.

Patent Bet Explained

It’s an easy one to understand and it’s just as simple to make this bet. One thing that isn’t as easy is to calculate the amount you have won. If all bets haven’t won, then you’re best to check out an official bet calculator. The profit is determined by the price of each bet placed.

The bet is one that consists of only three selections and it’s spread over seven bets.  Those bets are 3 singles, 3 doubles and a treble.

  • They are popular for horse-racing and football markets
  • Seven bets over three selections
  • High probability of return
  • Multiply the stake by seven to equally spread

How to Place a Patent Bet

It’s super-simple, you only need to worry about the three events, race or matches that you wish to wager on. Once you have picked those via the online bookmaker that you want to use, you can then click onto multiple bets.

Input the stake into the Patent Bet box. It’s that easy!

Other Bet Types

Here is the full list of horse racing betting types:


If you want to place a treble but you’re worried that one result may let you down, you may want to check out other possibilities. Patent bets are perfect for this, they provide different combinations that keep things exciting.

If one bet loses, you still have a good chance of embracing a profit. If one selection is correct you could still receive a win although it’s unlikely to put you at profit. You will need to stake more but your highest potential win will be significantly greater too.

So give a Patent bet a go next time you’re browsing the online sportsbooks and see how you get on!