What is a Round Robin Bet?

A Round-Robin bet is one that consists of ten bets in total. It’s not for beginners as there are some complicated aspects to the wager. It has three double bets, one treble bet and three up-and-down single-stake pair bets.

If you are inexperienced then you may be unsure on the latter, the up-and-down bet is the most complex to understand. Want to learn more? Read on to find out about placing this type of bet, it’s advantages and the risks.

If you are to stake a £1 win-only bet, then it will cost a total stake of £10. Fortunately, there are lots of way to win a return.

Round Robin Bet Explained

Understanding this type of bet isn’t easy for newcomers. The most confusing part has to be the up-and-down bet.

You only need three selections, the Round-Robin bet then places ten bets. They are spread across doubles, a treble and the up-and-down bets.

Here’s what is involved in a round-robin bet:

  • 3 Doubles
  • 1 Treble
  • 3 Up-and-Down Single-Stake

You may be wondering why there are only seven bets, in a ten-bet combo. The last bet on the list counts as two per bet. Meaning that there are six bets that are up-and-down.

Up-and-Down bets are also known as vice-versa, cross bet or a twist. They combine the odds and each of them count on the other, hence these pairs being complex to fathom.

To win a return you will need a minimum of two results to win, otherwise you will lose. That is because there are no single bets in the bet.

How to Place

Even though there are elements to the wager that make it difficult to understand, you can still easily place the bet. All you need to do is simply choose your three selections and then pick multiple bets.

Follow the full guide below:

  1.     Choose the three selections you want to bet on.
  2.     Click and select the multiple bet.
  3.     You will see the option for a Round-Robin bet.
  4.     Click into the box, select the bet and place it!

Other Bet Types

Here is the full list of horse racing betting types:


Putting this bet on is simple and is full of thrills. You have lots of potential combinations and ways to win. It is complex in nature due to the up-and-down element. There are no single bets and the only way you can win is by winning more than one.

Next time you’re looking to bet on a sporting event, why not try the Round Robin and see how you get on!