What is a Yankee Bet?

A Yankee bet is a multiple bet that enables you to cover all angles. Unlike an accumulator, you will still be able to enjoy winnings even if a result doesn’t go your way. This bet type consists of four selections and 11 bets.

If you place a £1 win-only bet, it will cost you £11 in total. But there are more ways to win.

Placing this bet is simple when you use online bookmakers. So how does the bet break down into simpler terms?

Yankee Bet Breakdown

The famous bet is one that provides different ways to win. That’s because it’s not a mere accumulator, instead it involves doubles, trebles and a four-fold.

To be precise it has:

  •     6 Doubles
  •     4 Trebles
  •     1 Four-fold

If you win all, then you will enjoy a bigger total as all 11 bets will come in. If one result loses, you can still enjoy a nice profit. These types of bets are often used for horse-racing, football and many other sports.

How to Place the Bet

One thing that many newcomers worry about, is how to place a particular bet. First of all, ensure that you understand how the bet works by using our breakdown. Then it is a simple case of logging into your favourite bookmaker with the best prices.

From there, it is easy. Find your four selections and as you look to wager, select the multiple bets. When doing so, you should see a range of different multiple bets that the site offers.

Look for a Yankee bet, you can then stake on it. Remember, that your stake will be multiplied by 11, as there are that many bets in total.

If you have any issues, contact their official support team or check whether or not they have the bet type available.

Calculating the Winnings

Calculating the winnings involves working out the odds of each result that wins. Then working out how many doubles and trebles you have won. If you win all selections simply check the maximum potential win amount, as you would have reached that.

The best way to calculate a complex bet of this kind, is to use an online betting calculator.

Other Bet Types

Here is the full list of horse racing betting types:

Why Make a Yankee Bet

It’s a great way to use a multiple bet without going overboard. It helps control the risk and reward factor.

There are more ways to win and if one selection loses, you still enjoy a good reward. Obviously, the stake is bigger but the Yankee Bet is popular for a reason!