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In the world of sports betting, the stakes are high, and the margins of success are low. That’s why finding reliable information and expert guidance makes all the difference when looking to place a bet on any sport.

The pursuit of finding successful sports betting tipsters can be challenging and time-consuming. Plus, it’s not something that you want to test out via trial and error, so we have done the research for you.

We’ve made it our quest to unveil the best sports betting tipsters in 2024 so you can use this guide to find the best sporting tipsters that will most help you bet in your sports market whether racing, football, tennis or something else.

You can also find the best sports betting influencer on Instagram or the best sports tipster on Twitter.

Find out more about the best sports betting tipsters:

Who is the Best Sportsbook Tipster?

The best sportsbook tipster is Joe Norris from the famous Get Your Tips Out (GYTO). Joe Norris won the prize of the Best Sportsbook Tipster in the recent Sports Betting Awards hosted in Manchester, UK.

Joe’s daily betting predictions are amazing for plenty of sports punters with UK horse racing, football tips and he often backs the major international racing.

GYTO also won further awards with Dave Potter securing the Most Successful Telegram Tipster for all his dedicated work with the David Dooley Tips brand.

GYTO has built a profitable campaign and also reached the top 10 list of best horse racing tipsters for profit in 2023.

List of Most Successful Sports Betting Tipsters 2024

Here are the top sports betting tipsters in the UK.

Get Your Tips Out

GetYourTipsOut (GYTO) is one of the UK’s few well-known professional football and horse racing tipsters. We regard the as the best football tipsters as well as being leaders in other sports tips too.

They have an entire website geared towards helping you follow a betting strategy. When you find a profitable tipster of this magnitude, it’s always important to remember them as they’re in high demand and are often difficult to find.

Get Your Tips Out and their daily selections include NAP, NB and a notebook selection. Many punters continue to flock towards their site and for good reason. If you’re a racing or football fan, then you are in the right place with this profitable tipster.

Get Your Tips Out

With a huge @GetYourTipsOut Twitter profile they offer exclusive updates, free tips and the latest news to give bettors a head start when it comes to profiting from gambling.

David Dooley

David Dooley provides daily horse racing tips and is also a profitable football tipster in 2024.

His official website, has been voted for the following:

The only reason GYTO managed to secure the #1 position on the best sportsbook rankings is because they provide tips for American horse racing, tennis, golf, and NFL.

David Dooley Sportsbook Tips

In the last few years, David Dooley Tips has grown significantly, with many joining the private telegram groups.

David Dooley Tips telegram betting channels include:

The football telegram groups were voted the top-rated sports betting telegram channel in June 2024.

Forebet makes it into our top tipster’s list – offering an algorithmic take on tips. They use advanced software to record patterns and help gain a huge average monthly profit.

This tip service is one of the best football tipsters, providing you with Forebet predictions based on a mathematical breakdown. Their software uses the algorithm to generate the best betting markets and help all that join enjoy big profits.

It’s full of incredible markets and the pro tipster has a whole site dedicated to results, form and daily tips.

Forebet is a system for predicting football matches generated by mathematical algorithms.

JPW Racing Tipster

Looking for the best racing tips on a regular basis? You can enjoy regular tips and advice on horse racing among other markets.

These top tipsters have been making annual profits for many years, first starting out in 2009.

JPW Racing Tipster

JPW Horse Racing Tips is an established tipping service for horse racing with very good success rates at big race festival meetings such as the Cheltenham Festival.

Many sports betting punters claim JPW Horse Racing Tips to be the most successful Cheltenham tipster in June 2024.

Betting Gods

The Betting Gods are made up of 17 betting tipsters who have successfully been approved from an extensive proofing onboarding campaign.

Thousands of bettors try to apply to become professional gamblers but only a very small percentage make the cut.

Betting Gods

Betting Gods host a selection of popular horse racing tipsters in June 2024 including the likes of Quentin Frank and The Bookies Enemy.

Hugh Taylor

Hugh is a very high-profile social media tipster and shows strong profits at his advised prices.

Hugh Taylor

The problem for the punter is that those prices disappear very quickly as the bookmakers react to Hugh’s selections.

Tipsters Empire

The Tipsters Empire is a Tipster Platform with a ‘Quality over Quantity’ approach.

Each Tipster employed by Tipsters Empire needs to offer excellent tipping suggestions, thorough write-ups and top-quality communication skills.

Tipsters Empire

James Walsh is the founder of the Tipsters Empire and loves watching National Hunt Horse Racing events with his favourite annual event being the 4 Day Cheltenham Festival.

Andy Holding

Andy Holding is a reputable and knowledgeable tipster in the sports betting industry.

Andy Holding

His insights and analysis have helped many punters make informed decisions and achieve success in their betting endeavours.


The Tipstrr platform has become one of the best places in June 2024 to find the most successful free horse racing tipster as well as the best free football tipsters on the internet.

With an easy-to-use betting app and website the Tipstrr dashboard where you will find a tipster to suit your betting needs.


Founded in 2014, has processed and verified millions of betting tips from dozens of sports to help sports fans make more informed decisions.

Many users follow tipsters in their favourite sports, but some follow tipsters to advance their own knowledge and to widen their sports betting portfolio – which reduces variance and can be critical when it comes to being a profitable sports bettor.

GG Tips

GG Tips is known as Horse Racing Tips to many horse racing fans in June 2024.

GG Tips

The website offers free horse racing selections every day with all runners and riders for every race, form data, live prices, silks and much more.

The Top Tips are the Editor’s best horse racing tips for the day, available for free and packaged as a range of popular bets.



Templategate is one of the most popular sportsbook tipsters in the UK.

Tipman Tips

Many UK punters recently voted Tipman Tips the best subscription sports betting tipster for horse racing and football betting markets.

Tipman Tips

If you subscribe on, you get added to a private telegram group to be sent inside information on sports betting tips.

Check out our full review on Tipman Tips, one of the UK’s largest subscription-based tipping services and sports betting tips community.

Jim Delahunt

Jim Delahunt is a horse racing and football betting tipster for the Scottish Sun newspaper.

Jim Delahunt won the Racing Post Naps champion tipster in 2018 but has struggled since with his level stakes profits.

We provide all Jim Delahunt Daily Tips for today’s horse racing events.

What to Look for in a Betting Tipster?

Choosing a reliable betting tipster is crucial for successful sports betting.

Consider these factors when making a decision about which tipster is the one for you:

  • Track Record and Transparency: a good tipster should have a transparent track record of past predictions with consistent accuracy.
  • Long-Term Profits: focus on tipsters who generate positive returns over time, even with occasional losses.
  • Expertise and Knowledge: look for tipsters who understand the sport and analyze factors like performance, statistics, injuries, and more. Some will be better in some sports and niches. 
  • Variety of Bets: good tipsters provide a range of bet types, showcasing their ability to identify opportunities.
  • Realistic Expectations: be cautious of tipsters promising guaranteed wins or unrealistic profits.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: consider feedback from other bettors to gauge reliability on websites and social media. 
  • Customer Support: quality tipsters offer good communication and support for questions.
  • Trial Periods: some tipsters offer trial periods for evaluation before subscribing.
  • Subscription Costs: consider fees in relation to potential profits, many offer free betting tips. 
  • Consistency: reliable tipsters maintain steady performance over time whether that is racing or football tips.
  • Ethical Standards: ensure tipsters operate ethically and avoid fraudulent practices.

Remember, even the best tipsters don’t guarantee success. Manage expectations and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Thoroughly research before choosing a tipster and diversify your betting sources for better insights.

Popular Questions

Do horse racing tipsters work hard?

Working as a horse racing tipster can be very hard with long hours of research carried out.

Being a professional horse racing tipster isn’t as easy as just picking one or two selections randomly.

The best horse racing tipsters study the form guides and analyse the data of all races each day.

The tips and suggestions are where they feel the bookmakers appear to have got the odds incorrect and show better value for money.

Do the most successful horse racing tipsters study the same way?

The most successful horse racing tipsters all have their own unique style of studying the form guide and selecting their bankers.

It is crazy at times to see several of the top-rated horse racing tipsters choosing the same horse but for different reasons.

There is one angle that all the most successful horse racing tipsters all follow and that is sourcing value in the betting markets.

Many like to oppose short price favourites if they see vulnerabilities, but some have been known to heavily back favourites when they see the odds are value for money.

Summary of the Best Sports Betting Tipsters

We hope you have enjoyed our Best Sports Betting Tipsters.

We have looked at a long list and variety of the best betting tipsters tips so you can hopefully identify one that suits your needs.

When following any tipping advice always be sure to bet responsibly.

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