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The top-rated telegram groups are powerful tools that bring punters together and provide inside information for sports betting.

There are many free telegram channels sharing betting tips and public Twitter accounts offering predictions on the outcome of football matches or horse races.

But the real value and insights are shared in private telegram groups where you subscribe for a small monthly fee.

One of the most popular ways to share betting tips is via Telegram and horse racing fans in a recent poll voted Telegram groups to be the best source for horse racing tips.

In our guide to the Best Telegram Betting Tipsters, we list all the most profitable telegram groups and channels in June 2024.

Who Is The Best Telegram Tipster?

The best telegram tipster group is the David Dooley Tips VIP channel.

David Dooley Telegram Sports Betting Tipster

The David Dooley VIP Tips Telegram channel has been voted as one of the fastest-growing private groups in the sports betting industry.

All of the previous tips, results and profits can be found inside the private telegram group.

There are several subscription options available to potential customers, but many start by joining the David Dooley Tips (Free) telegram group.

David Dooley sportsbook tipster has built a profitable campaign taking on favourites that show no value in the betting markets and achieved the best-rated horse racing tipster for profits in 2024.

Top Ten Telegram Betting Groups 2024

Here are the top sportsbook telegram betting tipsters for horse racing and football.

David Dooley Tips VIP Telegram Private Group

A clear winner for the top-rated UK telegram tipster is David Dooley Tips VIP channel for securing the biggest profit percentage winning margins.

David Dooley Tips VIP Telegram Exclusive Group

There are two telegram betting tipster groups for David Dooley Tips, and the top-rated channel is the “David Dooley Tips VIP” private group.

With a collection of knowledge from owners, trainers, and jockeys, the predictions from David Dooley, racehorse tipster, are second to none.

GYTO Telegram Betting Group

The Get Your Tips Out Telegram betting group provides daily predictions on horse racing events.

The GYTO private telegram channel is invite-only and not available to the public.

Many punters who have subscribed to the Get Your Tips Out Telegram betting group also follow them on Twitter where they provide in-depth reasoning behind why they have selected the horses in the races.

Tipman Tips Telegram Channel

Tipman Tips has a great subscription sports betting telegram group for horse racing and football betting markets.

If you subscribe on, you get added to a private telegram group to receive inside information on sports betting tips.

Tipman Tips is one of the UK’s largest subscription-based tipping services and sports betting tips communities.

A UK-based company trading under the name Tipman Group LTD now has 4 full-time employees, 2 web developers, and a team of 20 social media promoters.

WhichBookie Tips Telegram Channel

WhichBookie is a completely free tipping service via their Telegram channel.

The WhichBookie Tips Telegram Channel is transparent with all of its betting tips and provides a full history of daily tips.

The betting tips at WhichBookie are provided by Will Smith and Andrew Blair White.

WhichBookie Telegram channel has made our top ten list of the best telegram betting channels in June 2024.

Betting Hub Racing Tips Telegram Group

Betting Hub has almost 90k followers on Twitter and regularly shares football tips that have had great success.

Betting Hub Racing Tips has now launched a dedicated racing tips channel on Telegram that is completely free to join and has new tips published on a daily basis.

Star Tipster Telegram Group

The track record of Star Tipster is great as they boast a profitable ROI to a level stake wager.

Star Tipster Picks is a free horse racing tips Telegram channel that also offers a subscription service to VIP customers.

The subscription to the Star Tipster Telegram account is priced at £9.99 a month.

The Telegram Tipsters

One of the top 10 telegram private groups is “The Telegram Tipsters”. are a group of five professional gamblers, provide members with some of the best sports betting advice available.

The members love the tips being provided by a Telegram notification as opposed to old-school communication methods like email.

101GG Telegram Group

The 101GG Telegram Group offers amazing tips plus huge enhanced odds and betting offers for followers from the experienced team at 101 Great Goals.

The 101 Great Tips and Bets channel has a free betting tips telegram group link.

The @GG101s provide all of 101’s best football tips and horse racing bets, straight to your inbox! 18+ begambleaware.

The 101GG telegram channel was voted as one of the main football betting telegram group links to join.

Betway Telegram Group

The Betway Telegram Group gives daily predictions and tips on a full range of sports from the Betway sportsbook.

From football tips in the Premier League to predicting obscure football markets is what makes it a thriving group to be part of.

The insights into the lesser-known sports games provide great value betting opportunities.

The VIP subscribers get the best value and can fully use the chat functionality in the Betway Telegram betting group.

22bet Telegram Group

The 22bet Telegram Group gives followers the best chances of the short-priced favourites.

22bet’s focus is on providing as many winning bets as possible regardless of the odds, and many sports bettors prefer other telegram groups to provide value in the betting markets.

A great attribute of the 22bet Telegram Group is that they don’t restrict the tips to their bookmaker and actively encourage members to use other sports betting websites to place their bets.

22bet’s telegram channel was voted in a recent poll to reach the top of the list of UK gambling telegram groups.

What are Telegram Betting Groups?

Telegram Betting Groups is a messaging app for sportsbook tips that has gained popularity in recent years for its focus on security and privacy.

Telegram online messaging has become a popular platform for sports punters to share professional betting tips.

These telegram betting groups can often have thousands of sports bettors with users being able to join via an invite link to receive regular updates and tips from experienced punters and professional gamblers.

What We Look for in the Best Telegram Groups for Tips

Here is what we look for when picking the greatest sportsbook tipster telegram channels:

Track Record

The most successful tipsters will be transparent about the profit and loss of their tips.

The P&L to a level stake is important in analyzing the track record of the professional tipster.

Look back on the recent predictions to see what sort of return you would have received if you were wagering bets on these selections.


The reputation of the telegram tipster is important to research.

Does the sportsbook professional tipster have any accolades or awards they have won over the years?

Google search the name of the horse racing tipsters or football tipsters to read the reviews from others.

Just because a betting tips Telegram channel has a lot of followers doesn’t mean that the tips will be worthwhile punting bets on.

Trial Run

Do a trial run without wagering large amounts of real money.

Stake small amounts to test the tipster’s knowledge for a trial period.

Follow the tips and predictions for a month to see what kind of results the tipster is generating.

If you like what you see, then you can proceed to make larger real money wagers.

Free Bets

The very best telegram betting groups also provide free bets and amazing betting promotions for existing customers.

The David Dooley Tips telegram group has bespoke free bet promotions with some of the largest bookmakers online like Tote, Betfred, Bet365, Skybet, and Paddy Power.

The free bets are huge for the major horse racing festivals or big football games.

The free bets could be a bet 10 get xx offer or some even provide £10 no deposit free or a money back free bet bonus.

Customer Support

Customer service is another key element and providing multiple methods of contact is important.

The best telegram betting tips channels will provide the following customer support options:

  • Email Address
  • Live Chat
  • Mobile Number (Ring or SMS)
  • Social Media Channels

We constantly review the customer service of the tipping telegram platforms so you can be sure new sports bettors can choose the best telegram tipsters in June 2024.

Where Can I Find Free Horse Racing Tips On Telegram?

The best place to find horse racing tips for free on Telegram is by joining the David Dooley Tips (Free) Telegram Channel.

The most successful sports betting tipsters charge a premium for their predictions.

Receiving free tips via telegram is great, but to get early tips and wagers to beat the bookies, you usually need paid subscriptions.

Many punters search “free vip betting tips telegram” and “free betting tips telegram group link” so if a non paying group link is what you are after we recommend the David Dooley Free Tips Telegram Group Link.

Why Join A Telegram Channel For Sports Betting Tips?

Here are some reasons why many profitable punters join a telegram channel for sports betting tips:

  • A great way for you to get access to tips from experienced tipsters
  • Telegram is a safe way to quickly distribute tips
  • Telegram private groups provide better value (not as many wagers on the selection)
  • Get instant push notifications from Telegram channels for tips
  • Tip provided early to allow you to lock in good odds and not miss out on potentially profitable opportunities

The private telegram sports betting tipster groups allow professional gamblers to get their stake on before the odds start to shorten.

What is the Best App for Horse Racing Tips?

The best app for horse racing tips is Telegram.

The telegram messaging app allows people to become part of group chats and the biggest tipsters have joined the telegram app.

With Telegram’s focus on security and privacy, the bettors prefer the Telegram messaging platform over any other communication platforms.

Elements to Consider when Joining a Telegram Betting Group

When considering joining Telegram groups for sports betting tips, exercising caution and conducting thorough research is paramount. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to look for before joining of these betting groups:

  1. Track Record: evaluate the tipster’s historical performance. Prioritise those who transparently share past predictions and results, ideally with verified documentation or a consistent record of accuracy.
  2. Consistency: steady success holds more value than occasional big wins. Assess whether the tipster maintains a reliable performance over a period time.
  3. Expertise: a reputable tipster should exhibit a profound understanding of the sports they provide tips for. Their analysis should delve beyond surface-level insights, many will also specialise in one area.
  4. Verified Sources: ensure the tipster bases their predictions on credible sources, such as statistical data, team news, injuries, and other relevant information. Sometimes looking at previous success and likely betting odds of their selections is also good.
  5. No Guarantees: exercise caution regarding tipsters who promise guaranteed wins or unrealistic profit margins. Sports betting inherently involves uncertainty and can be unpredictable.
  6. Free Trials: consider tipsters offering free trials or sample tips. This opportunity allows you to assess their performance before financial commitment.
  7. Feedback and Reputation: seek reviews and feedback from fellow members of the Telegram group or online communities. Genuine testimonials provide valuable insights into the tipster’s reliability.
  8. Communication: evaluate how the tipster conveys their tips. Clear explanations and timely notifications are crucial for effective betting.
  9. Variety of Bets: a proficient tipster should offer a range of bet types, showcasing their ability to identify diverse betting opportunities.
  10. Customer Interaction: a tipster should promptly respond to queries and engage with subscribers, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  11. Subscription Fees: consider the cost of joining the Telegram group. Ensure that the fees are reasonable and proportional.
  12. Ethical Conduct: verify that the tipster operates ethically and transparently, refraining from sharing inside information or participating in fraudulent practices.
  13. Market Trends: a knowledgeable tipster should be attuned to market trends and odds fluctuations, providing insights beyond mere predictions.
  14. Long-Term Approach: prioritise tipsters who advocate a long-term betting strategy over quick gains.
  15. No Pressure: steer clear of tipsters who exert pressure to place bets hastily or frequently. Informed decisions are the cornerstone of responsible betting.
  16. Community Atmosphere: assess the group’s ambience. A respectful and collaborative community enhances the overall experience.
  17. Personal Research: don’t solely rely on tipsters’ advice. Conduct your research to make well-informed decisions.

Exercise critical thinking and diligence when evaluating Telegram group tipsters.

Summary of The Best Telegram Tipsters

The shrewd sports bettors join the best Sportsbook Tips Telegram Channels for betting tips to get all the valuable information and increase the chances of winning. These people offer considered betting advice. The ones in our list offer an exclusive telegram betting tips service which is worth checking out.

The telegram betting tips channels provide professional advice and help to learn strategies to beat the bookies.

The best telegram tipsters will give deep information on how certain racehorses are running on the gallops at home and source value in the betting markets.

The big advantage of the best sports betting tipsters on the telegram channels means you can easily contact international tipsters.

If you are serious about finding profitable long-term winning tips, we recommend checking out several of the professional telegram tipsters above.

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