Best Sports Betting Tipsters on Twitter

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Why not use your Twitter feed to help you win bets?

We’ve found all of the legit tipsters to follow on Twitter who could help you make regular profits.

Before getting hold of your horse racing or football tips – be sure to check out our full May 2024 guide as we unravel all of the best sports betting tipsters on Twitter.

You can also find the best gambling influencer on Instagram or the overall top-rated sports betting tipster.

Who is the Best Tipster on Twitter?

David Dooley offers the best sports betting tips on Twitter. He is our number 1 for providing tips on sports – he specialises in horse racing and offers regular free tips.

In addition to being the Twitter account to follow, he’s also known for being the top horse racing tipster.

It’s worth using his social media accounts to gain free insights into horse racing events with his tips and hints.

The Top Sports Betting Tipster Twitter Accounts

If you’re searching for Twitter tipsters, then keep reading; we reveal the best social media tipsters:

David Dooley Tips

  • Handle: @DaveDoolz
  • Followers: 400+
  • Speciality: Horse Racing

David Dooley is our top-rated sports tipster to follow on Twitter. He shares his insight and professional knowledge on his X platform.

If you are looking to add horse racing tipsters to your X feed, then you’ll want to add Dooley to your following list. Check out his renowned Telegram tips for exclusive picks with a chance of big wins.

David is known for having an insight. Thanks to his part-ownership at Dooley Thoroughbreds, he has gained valuable experience in the industry.

Here’s a quick look at David’s latest posts on X

Get Your Tips Out

  • Handle: @GetYourTipsOut
  • Followers: 150K+
  • Speciality: Football & Horse Racing

For a fusion of well-thought-out racing and football tips, check out the renowned Get Your Tips Out (GYTO).

GYTO is a famous tipster; follow these sports bettors for professional gambling predictions. For NAP of the day predictions, follow their X account and get the latest banker picks.

Price Boost

  • Handle: @PriceBoost
  • Followers: 49K+
  • Speciality: Football Price Boosts

If a bookie offers price boosts and amplified odds – Price Boost will let you know. They track down the latest price boosts, giving you considerable win potential.

Specialising in football and horse racing – whenever there’s big money to be made, this page will let you know.

They provide lots of predictions with their NAP selection and value bets.

Get Your Tips Out Tracker

  • Handle: @GYTOTracker (Notebook)
  • Followers: 17K
  • Speciality: Horse Racing

Get Your Tips Out make our list again, but this Twitter account tracks all their picks and any boosts or odds worth trying.

This notebook helps you keep your eye on all of the GYTO horse racing tips. If you are searching for incredible horse racing tipsters, you will want to follow GYTO.

Despite this being one of a few accounts of theirs, they still sport a 16k following.

SoftInPlaces/My Tip Hub

This account is known as My Tip Hub and aims to offer a balanced range of different tips circulating on social media.

The page acts as a one-stop shop for different betting tips. With that said, much of their recent activity is covering or resharing some of the GYTO content.

Regardless, you will find lots of different tips on all of the best racing events, including Ascot, the Grand National and Cheltenham.

Joe Norris

  • Handle: @JoeNorrisGYTO
  • Followers: 600+
  • Speciality: Horse Racing

Joe Norris is a professional gambler on the Get Your Tips Out team. He’s accumulated years of experience in the industry and is respected by his peers.

As well as offering some interesting predictions, he also showcases some of his opinions on the latest football news, horse racing updates and places offering great odds.

This account is his personal one, showing more than just tips. But if you are searching for the most active tipsters on Twitter who often provide golden nuggets of racing info or researched football tips, then Joe is your man.

Joe Norris is a legitimate expert and rarely gives out losing tips – he has a proven track record and a vast knowledge of racing markets.

GYTO Greyhound Racing

Are you looking for free greyhound racing tips?

Get Your Tips Out’s specialist greyhound account is there to guide you to racing wins. This particular account concentrates solely on greyhound racing.

They offer plenty of free tips to their followers. Use this account if you’re a greyhound lover, but you will also be glad to know that we found a hint of tennis and football tips too.

In A Hoof Beat

  • Handle: @AHoofBeat
  • Followers: 500+
  • Speciality: US Horse Racing

In a Hoof Beat, he specialises in all horse racing stateside – he provides tips and insight for US racing and is part of the GYTO team.

Get the latest on Thistledown and Churchill Downs, among many other popular US racecourses.

InAHoofBeat provides plenty of notebook tips, so check that follow button and get the latest predictions on American racing.

Betting Gods

  • Handle: @BettingGods
  • Followers: 40k+
  • Speciality: Horse Racing, NFL, NBA & More have a Twitter account with over 40,000 followers – and they’re constantly sharing their sports betting tips.

Thanks to their bolstered team, you can enjoy a range of sports. Get tips on horse racing, cricket, tennis, golf, NHL, NBA and more.

Betting Gods made it into our top sports betting tipsters with their different sporting experts and experience in the industry.

Geordie Tipster

The Geordie tipster on Twitter has two accounts – a free one and a VIP option.

We have chosen the previous one, thanks to its free football tips. If you enjoy betting on football, then check out his tips on the upcoming matches.

He covers the Premier League, Champions League, EFL Championship, Europa League and International Matches.

Specialising in accumulators, you will find lots of multiple betting options.

How We Pick the Best Twitter Sports Tipsters

When looking for the best tipsters to follow on Twitter, we take several things into account and you should too – here are some elements to look into.

Verified Sources

Whether you’re looking for football tipsters, horse racing tipsters or other professional gamblers, it is essential to check for external sources outside of social media.

We find those that are reputable and verified from other trusted sites or channels.

Before picking a tipster to trust, be sure to do your research. Find out if they have won awards, been reviewed or have multiple platforms.

Proven Record

Part of your research should be to check the track record of the tipsters on Twitter. Most successful tipsters offer a look at their previous year of bets, showing their profits and loss records.

Find out how successful the tipster has been over the past year. This is an excellent resource for finding out how good a tipster is.

Making predictions is a business, and that means you will be expecting a profit. Check their win and loss records.

Free Tips

We prefer paid tips, as they usually offer extra profit, but we also believe you should get a taste of what a sports bettor is about before committing.

That’s why we expect some success via free tips. Find free tips and try them out before signing up for a tipster account.

If you find a football tipster, then be sure to try their free football betting tips first – the same applies to all sports betting tips.


We expect tipsters to have experience for several reasons. We want someone who knows their way around bookmakers, has been to plenty of racecourses and has bet on thousands of outcomes.

Check their experience. Are they involved in horseracing? Are they a sports journalist? Have they been a football tipster for a while?

Sub Fees

As much as we enjoy free tips, subscriptions are often where the magic happens.

Subscription fees shouldn’t be overpriced; check a variety of tipsters to see who offers the best value for money.

Bet Variety

We enjoy a range of bets. Not just single bets or outsider bets, but we want multiples, bankers and other options.

It’s great to find bets of different kinds from tipsters.

Active Account

If the account isn’t active, then it’s no use following them. The very best accounts come with lots of activity and regular posts.

Check a Twitter account for regular posts and tips.


What Other Social Media Accounts Can I Follow Tipsters?

Twitter is a popular place for tipsters with a healthy amount of different tips and predictions available but you can also check out the following:

    • Website

    • Telegram Groups

    • Facebook Pages

    • Instagram

What is a Gambling Influencer?

A gambling influencer is somebody who professionally predicts sports and betting markets on social media.

Anyone with a following or a reputation is classed as an influencer. There are plenty of influencers now facilitating tips and advice on bookmakers.

Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of Twitter tipsters, and the entry level is low, so we encourage due diligence.

There are some incredible tips available for free. Scroll through our recommendations and find tips on your favourite sport.