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Are you searching for Garry Owen racing tips today?

Garry Owen is a horse racing tipster for the Daily Record, Scotland and also goes under the alias Ian Taylor tips.

If you’re looking for his latest tips, you’re in the right place. The professional tipster is renowned for his accurate picks and even made it into our top horse racing tipsters in the UK.

For all the details on Garry’s latest predictions, read on as we give you his picks for 2024, including today’s racing tips.

Garry Owen is a well-known tipster who’s hot on the heels of the survey-winning David Dooley, who was recently deemed the no.1 horse racing tipster.

Garry Owen Tips Today

Here are the recent racing tips for today’s racing by The Daily Record tipster Garry Owen.


The selection above is Garry Owen’s daily tip for what he feels is the best bet of the day, or NAP selection (banker). Some sports bettors call it the “dead cert” choice, but it is officially known as the NAP pick.

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About Garry Owen Tips

Garry Owen is a tipster at the Daily Record. As a horse racing journalist, he makes his picks and accounts of the biggest horse racing in the UK and Ireland.

Garry is also known as Ian Taylor. You can search either Garry Owen’s or Ian Taylor’s tips for his latest predictions.

Garry covers plenty of the UK horse racing with lots of daily picks.

What Horse Racing Events Does Garry Owen Cover?

You will find regular horse racing tips from Garry Owen; here are some of the events that he covers:

Garry Owen’s tips are available across all the best horse racing events in the UK and Ireland. Garry predominantly covers Scottish races and is the go-to tipster for Scottish horse racing.

What Types of Bets Are Garry Owen’s Tips?

You will find a range of tips from Garry Owen, including NAP picks with the best value and favourite betting tips.

You will also find other types of bets with accumulator tips for horse racing and other options. You will often find NB picks, the next best options after the NAP daily picks.

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The Daily Record tipster Garry Owen is a horse racing tipster who regularly predicts on the biggest UK races.

He is known for being a voice for Scottish horse racing; you will often find lots of predictions and picks for Scottish race meets.

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