Ladbrokes Bet Calculator

When placing a bet with Ladbrokes (or any other bookmaker for that matter) using a betting calculator is a great way of keeping track of how much you can expect to win, especially when placing bets that include multiple selections.
When bookmakers first started doing business, these calculations used to have to be done manually, which meant quick mental arithmetic skills were a must – however, there are now sophisticated betting calculators that can do all this for us, and the Ladbrokes bet calc is no different.
When placing a simple accumulator, be it with Ladbrokes online or in a shop, you will be told on your slip how much your return will be if all your selections win, however, with multiple bets such as Lucky 15’s and Lucky 31’s, returns depend on how many selections win, and which selections win, so there are many different potential permutations.

Ladbrokes Lucky 15 Calculator

Lucky 15 bets are most popular amongst those who bet on horse racing or greyhound racing, however, they can be used for bets on all sports! So, how do they work? Well, firstly, a Lucky 15 consists of four selections and fifteen bets in total – four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold. Check out a calculator for this type of betting here.
This essentially means that only one of your four selections needs to win for you to be guaranteed a return – however, it goes without saying that the more of your selections that win, the greater your return will be. It’s worth remembering that because a Lucky 15 consists of 15 bets, you’ll need to times your unit stake by 15 in order to work out the total cost of your bet. For example, if you place a 10p Lucky 15, the total cost of the bet will be £1.50.
That being said, the Ladbrokes Lucky 15 calculator is a doddle to use and does all of the legwork for you, in terms of working out your winnings. All you need to do is enter the odds of your four selections and select whether or not they won. Then, enter your unit stake and select calculate – and your returns will be worked out in an instant.

Ladbrokes Lucky 31 Calculator

Lucky 31 bets follow the same format as lucky 15s, with one small change, and that is that there is an additional selection. Now you may be wondering, how does one more selection equate to a total of 16 more bets? Well, that’s because there are now far more ‘perms’ – so, as opposed to the bet consisting of four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold, what you now have is five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-folds and one five-fold.
If this sounds a little confusing, don’t worry, as that’s what the Ladbrokes calculator is for. Again, simply input the odds of all five of your selections, select whether or not they won and enter your unit stake – then, the computer will do the rest. This site has a calculator which you can use for working out these types of bets.

Ladbrokes Bet Calc Football

As mentioned previously, by far the most popular type of football bet is an accumulator. This consists of a punter choosing a number of teams all to win their selected matches. If all selections win, then you stand to win a decent amount (depending of course on your stake, how many selections you chose and the odds of each selection). The Ladbrokes football calculator is a great way of pricing up your accumulator before you actually place a bet.
For example, you can pick out your teams, enter their odds into the calculator and work out whether or not you want to add any more sections, remove some selections or change some selections, based on your potential winnings – as worked out for you by the calculator. Visit our football bet page to find out about the latest offers for this sport.
As well as accumulators, you can also place ‘multiples’ on football, such as the Lucky 15 or Lucky 31 we mentioned earlier. However, this isn’t as popular among football punters, as the odds on football matches aren’t usually good enough to justify splitting your total stake into 15 or 31 individual bets. (Unless of course you’re going to back outsiders).

Ladbrokes Each Way Calculator

When it comes to adding each way selections to the Ladbrokes Each Way Calculator, things can get a little more confusing and you’ll need to have a bit more knowledge on the sport or event you’re betting on. The first thing you need to remember with each way betting, is that your stake will be twice as much, as your betting on your selection to win, but also betting on it to place. So, for example, an each way Lucky 15 will consist of 30 bets and an each way Lucky 31 will consist of 62 bets.
When it comes to using the Ladbrokes Each Way Calculator, you’ll need to enter all the same information as before, but you’ll also need to enter the each way terms of your bet. For example, in horse racing, some races will pay ¼ of the odds for a place and some will only pay 1/5, so it’s important you know this information if you want to get the correct amount when working out your returns. You can also check out the full list of Ladbrokes shops if you’d prefer to place your bets this way.
That being said, when you get used to using the ladbrokes bet calc and its mechanics, it will most definitely become a really useful tool in helping you to work out any potential winnings, both before and after placing your bet.

List Of Bet Calculator Sites

We have compiled a list of sites where they have the betting calculator for free to all punters:

As you can see all the biggest brands offer free bet calculators.