What is a Double Bet?

A double bet is exactly what the name suggests. When you make two selections, you’ll be able to combine them together and enjoy a greater return.

How does it work then?

The double bet is a type of multiple bet that adds two single bets together. You will be able to accumulate the odds of both but if one loses, you will not receive the reward.

  •     Double bets help accumulate bigger winnings
  •     There’s more risk than a single
  •     Similar to other multiple bets
  •     Less risk and reward than trebles and accumulators
  •     Simple to place on all of our favourite bookmakers

Double Bets Explained

They’re easy to place and also simple to understand. You will be able to enjoy a larger return when sticking two selections together in a double. That obviously means that the risk is greater too.

This type of bet works similar to a treble, four-fold or accumulator. The difference being less selections, ultimately meaning more chance of winning.  All of the aforementioned is reflected in the return.


Creating an example of a double bet is simple. When you place two bets and combine them, that’s a double.

See the example below:

  •     Birmingham City FC to win & Liverpool to win

It’s that straightforward. If one of those results lose, then you will not win a penny. If Liverpool draw, then the bet loses.

If both results come in, then you win! It will be more than putting them on as singles. You will enjoy better odds and they will be accumulated. If for instance, Birmingham were 2/1 to win and Liverpool were 3/1, then you’d get the following formula.

Returns = £5 x (2/1 + 1) x (3/1 + 1) = £60

The profit would be £55 but you’d also get your £5 stake back.

Other Bet Types

Here is the full list of horse racing betting types:


Overall, double bets are sought-after, due to the ease of placing them and the added returns. If you want bigger returns than a single, then check out some of the exciting doubles you can relish.

They are often used for football, cricket, tennis and horse-racing. Use them for all sports and also on various results. If you want a double on games, as our examples displays then you can do so but if you want one that’s on specials, then that is also an option.

Place the winner of the Premier League and Championship as your double. If you prefer horse-racing then you can also use each way bets. Each way bets reduces the odds for those that place and do not win. The stake will be more too. But this way, you have more opportunity to win.

Why not give it a go yourself? Find the type of double bet that you’d like to put on in October 2020 and enjoy the fun.